Informal Coffee Service

Chat, hymn & charge !


UPDATED 30/07/2021

 Please check back for updates of our activites.


At Millhouses Methodist Church we are at the heart of the community both geographically and spiritually. In addition to the traditional Sunday Services, every Thursday morning between 11am and 11.30am we host a “shoppers” Service.  This informal service provides a space within our busy world to step away from the noise and chaos which can take over people’s lives. It allows us to relax and focus on the things that really matter, to be refreshed and to make friends and enjoy each others company in the process.  So if you see the Church door open, just  step inside and you will be warmly welcomed.

"I usually go to the service before doing the weekly shop at Sainsbury's. I really do enjoy this short informal service, it makes me feel calm, at peace and relaxed and ready to  tackling anything! It fits in so well with my busy life"



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